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#StopHungerCrime Campaign

A story

AKT is an art editor based in France near Geneva.

AKT creates art objects from weapons, destroyed by the Swiss Foundation for Mine Action. The Swiss Foundation for Mine Action is a non-governmental organization where former soldiers organize the destruction of weapons around the world in conflict zones to protect civilian populations. The metal collected is transformed at l’Ecole Nationale des Arts et Métiers in Cluny/Burgundy. In their laboratory and Foundry, we turn the metal used to produce the jewels into a jewerly standart stainless steel. Some pieces of the collection are made with a mixed of the metal from the weapons and solid silver.

All of our creations are entirely made in France, from the preparation of the raw material to the finished product. Our designers and craftsmen create in a small workshop in France, objects with an excellent quality and a bold design. Our ambition is to create objects with with a bold design and a meaningful story. We want to honor with you the women and men who fight for peace and freedom.

Francois Ghys